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Welcome to Stuff We Love.  This is the place to visit for all those cool toys you had as a kid. The ones you cherished and thought were tucked safe and sound up in your loft only to find that by the time you reached 30, that your mum had had them all consigned to the bin just as you reached puberty. Children that grow up nowadays live in a world where LCD screens and electronic gizmos are a commonplace. This site is devoted to that early time when handheld games were called Pocketeers and kids led a slightly more active life by going to the park rather than just sitting in front of the TV with the latest games console. Browse On!!!!



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Flight Deck

Super Flight Deck

Evel Knievel

The Space Hopper



Johnny Seven O.M.A





Johnny Astro

Big Trak

Ricochet Racers

Jaws the game



REAL Weebles

Tip It

The Unigate Humphreys


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EKCO Novaware



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Hai Karate  




Echo Novaware 28/09/2008

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