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Here's what one man had to say.

"Surely one of the most disappointing things ever invented. This toy must hold the world record for the biggest gap ever between the lust and longing promised by the TV and magazine ads and reality. The ads promised some sort of wonder device that would see the end of cars and bicycles as a means of transport, from now on you could just sit on your Space Hopper, bounce once or twice and then proceed to bounce off to school or race your mates round the block with no further physical effort. But of course, no such luck, the thing was a nightmare ! It was virtually impossible to sit on, you either sat too far back and fell backwards, cracking your skull on the pavement (it just refused to bounce on grass) or you sat too far forward and the hopper just hung limply behind you like some sort of hideous orange Hemorrhoid ! and when you could get it going, after about 10 bounces you were knackered ! and the face on it was enough to give kids nightmares, what was it meant to be ? a rabbit from hell ? But above all my worst memory of the Space Hopper was an episode of that Summer holiday classic TV series Why Don't You "go out and do something less boring instead !" where 3 young girls occupied themselves through the summer months by having their own "Horse of the Year Show" in their back garden, jumping fences made with broom sticks and chairs, on, you guessed it, Space Hoppers. It must have ended in tears !!!"

- Steve Buckmaster

Despite this man's cruel rantings he is the proud owner of a Space Hopper and will be devoting a chunk of his new website to the awesome orange mode of transport that never took off. A link to this site will be posted here soon. We at the Hubbard Media Group salute space hoppers in all their forms and envy those lucky enough to have one.

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The boy demonstrates hopper balance A local couple. Proud of their hopper




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