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Yet another TV / Movie spin off that bore no resemblance to the item it was based on. This is Tyco's JAWS. Based on the hit movie of the same name. OK I did say that it bore no resemblance but in this case TYCO's shark was more lifelike than the rubber monster in Speilberg's movie! The aim of the game was to use the hook thing to retrieve as much junk out of Jaws' gaping cakehole before his mouth snaps shut. It was kind of like a reverse Buckaroo made out to be more scary.

Back when it was first produced, prototype versions of the toy had to be recalled due to the closing mechanism of the mouth containing springs used in mouse traps and the teeth being constructed from scalpel blades. Several kids lost the hooking up tool and were using their fingers, a few deaths were involved and the rest is as they say history*

Items of junk included a skull a camera and a broken wagon wheel. I was always dissapointed that there was not a Robert Shaw figure in two halfs included as that would have made the tie in with the movie much closer. It was a cool toy to have in the 70's and I remember the snapping mouth made me jump on more than one occasion. More blood would have been cool too !!!!!

Dont shit yer pants kids its only a toy!!!!! Arrrrrggggh   Quick wheres Roy Scheider?????!!!!!!!

The example seen here is one owned by Steve B who happened to purchase it recently for our combined repository of tat. More pictures to follow. you never know we might make a movie too.

*The paragraph containing the stuff about protoype versions of the toy is complete rubbish and was made up by me because I could not believe someone did not make a horror movie using one of the toys where the teeth get switched for sharp "mandibles of death."

Come on Wes Craven, you could have stuck that in Scream 3 !!!!!!





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