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Why is there nothing on the net about Weebles? Not the ones that seem to be for sale on US Ebay but REAL Weebles. You remember them don't you? Egg shaped, pink plastic things with ugly faces and holes where their eyes should be. These are the Weebles I remember seeing back in the 70's. They had merry go rounds to sit on and swings and see saws. They could travel in a little bus and had aeroplanes to fly. The advert had the catchy jingle "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down" (Bet the yanks pinched the tune an' all). Where are they? Why don't you see them around any more? Surely Hubbard Media Group cannot be looking in the wrong places?  I mean come on, we've found TWO flight Decks, loads of images of Vertibirds (not acquired one yet though!!!) A plethora of Raleigh Choppers, An Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle, NO LESS THAN THREE ROLF HARRIS' STYLOPHONES !!!!!! and even a Johnny Astro which I personally, cannot even remember.

Someone somewhere must know something. The only images I can offer are of two specimens owned by the great Piley. According to the Pilester these have been sitting on his PC for years. I have rebuilt his PC and installed countless bits of software on it and cannot remember seeing them sitting there. There may possibly be some more lurking up in his mums loft along with some of the roundabouts and swings.

Any road up, here, for the uninitiated, are what REAL Weebles look like:

Cor blimey I dont fancy yours much   This ones the "looker"

These images were found on UK Ebay by none other than our Steve B

The intricate designe of a Weeble seesaw.

Ugly buggers aint they? How can you navigate the seven seas with no eyes????? 

Sent in by Hannah White, some images of her lovely Weeble collection. Click on an image to enlarge


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