The Stylophone or as it was more commonly known "The Electronic Organ in your Pocket !". Surely this must have been Rolf Harris’ finest moment, well, apart from his "Swim with Rolf " television series and Public Information Films and of course his monster No1 hit "Two Little Boys" and not forgetting "Animal Hospital", but apart from those the association of the Stylophone and the world famous Antipidean Balladeer and Painter could only ensure both a place in the ‘70’s Hall of Fame.

As soon as you opened the box, complete with Rolf’s smiling face beaming at you, and gasped at the electronic miracle inside, you just knew you where in for hours of fun. But first you needed to install the small rectangular 9 volt battery (not supplied) this gave you the opportunity to gasp at the amazing array of transistors and other electronic guppins inside, although it was best not to try and understand what all this technical wizardry did for fear of your brain exploding ! After twenty unsuccessful attempts to get the battery to stay in it’s allotted space, nestling on a small piece of protective sponge, you just jammed the back on any old-how and now with a flick of the on/off switch and grasping the ergonomically designed stylus in your hand you could finally make some music.

This was where the problems began, because although Rolf could have claimed a place in the London Symphony Orchestra on the back of his Stylophone playing expertise, as demonstrated by the masterful rendition of "The William Tell Overture" on the floppy 7-inch record supplied free, a mere mortal child would have been better off making music by whistling through his arse ! It soon became clear that the Stylophone was merely a toy, not a musical instrument, and the novelty of playing the few basic tunes contained in the manual wore off quicker than the "Arrow-Wedge" decal on the Raleigh Chopper you also got that Christmas (if you were lucky !).

"Can you tell what it is yet? "

But a Stylophone was still a must-have icon of it’s time and the availability of tune-books and even a deluxe Stylophone with different instrument voices and twin styli, managed to ensure it’s continued success.

Today no self-respecting ‘70’s Nostalgia Freak would be without a Stylophone or two in their collection, if only for a glimpse of Rolf Harris when he was still a Bohemian Aussie Pop-Hunk or to whip out at Christmas for a rousing Vibrato accompaniment to a family sing-song !

Click on the images below. Viewers may find some scenes disturbing.

Three Stylophones The tunebook. Most Bogus !!!!! Original box predating Rolf's interferrence /endorsement.


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