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Over the last couple of months Stuff We Love has been contacted three times by television companies. Asking for information with regards to items in this collection. Stuff We love welcomes the interest by Television Companies and their researchers. Please feel free to contact us by clicking HERE


Here's a couple of recent mails:



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Subject: Stuff We Love


Dear Phill,


Im hoping you can help me. Granada Factual are currently making a series of 3 x 90 minute programmes on the styles of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. 


They will celebrate and unearth the truth about the philosophies, fads, and fashions we mistakenly held up as the pinnacle of cool, and take an affectionate, yet illuminating look at the choices we made.


During the series we will be take a light-hearted nostalgic look at some of the, now, embarrassing things we did then.  A variety of celebrities, musician and comedians will discus the popular culture of the time and admit to their part in it.  Whether that was going out on Friday night in a skin tight Lycra disco jump suit or thinking their family was posh for owning a deluxe hostess trolley.


We are looking for contributors to come on our show and I was wondering if I could call you sometime for a quick chat especially about aftershave like Hai Karate. My numbers are below. I look forward to hearing from you.


Kind Regards,





From: Withheld
Subject: Evel Kneival

Really hope you can help. I'm trying to track down a E K Stunt cycle with gyro for some filming next Thursday and am finding tracking one down really difficult. Can you help? Please call if you can.




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