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Fans of advertising during the mid 70's will be familiar with the name Ronco. That famous company that marketed its range of  wares mainly through the Woolworths / Woolco chain of stores. This wealth of tat mainly surfaced on our screens during the run up to Christmas. Aimed at people who have that member of their family who is particularly difficult to buy for or who has everything, Ronco produced a vast selection of neat ideas to trap the unwary or just plain stupid.

It just so happens that our very own Steve B is the KING of Ronco products. His tireless efforts in getting up early to go round boot sales to acquire these products has continued for well over a year. He has quite a few. Over the coming months Nostalgia will bring you all of the ones he has collected so far, so keep checking this space for new stuff. Ronco still operates in the US today and is STILL producing scary stuff. Visit and check out the Car Door Protector. Surely this is just a inflatable silver li-lo suspended from the garage ceiling by two bits of string??????

Anyway on with our cavalcade of consumer whimsy.

1. The Buttoneer

2. The Rhinestone and Stud Setter

Other Ronco Products coming soon:

Buttoneer 2
Portable Cordless Sewing Machine
Flower Loom
Spin Slicer
Glass Froster
In-Egg Scrambler
Auto Cup
"Steam-a-Way" Portable Steamer
Vacuum Record Cleaner




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