The Ronco Rhinestone and Stud Setter


Like a little mini sewing machine, except its not.

In 197? Glen Campbell sung his eternal Country & Western classic "Rhinestone Cowboy" and the whole world went Rhinestone Crazy !!!Previously, decorating items of clothing with studs had been the sole preserve of greasy bikers (known affectionately in the UK as "Rockers") who would emblazon the backs of their tatty leather jackets with legends along the lines of "BSA", "Triumph" and "Do the Ton for Kicks".

But all that changed with the onset of the Glam Rock '70's and everybody wanted to emulate their Rhinestone and Stud bedazzled heroes such as, Elvis, David Bowie, Gary Glitter or Suzi Quatro. Even those God-fearing Mormons, the Osmond brothers were not adverse to a bit of Rhinestone fun !

Of course attaching 500 or more Rhinestones or studs to an item of clothing by hand was a soul destroying task and on many occasions Mothers would take to their beds nursing blistered finger tips and shattered finger nails ! But don't worry ! because help was at hand in the shape of the Ronco "Rhinestone and Stud Setter". This piece of yellow and red plastic crap was typical of the product that Ronco produced at the time. Something which looked brilliant in the TV ads but was in fact totally useless.

Did anybody actually buy and USE this???????

Using this technological mini riveting marvel you could now proceed to produce stunning Rhinestone or Stud masterpieces on any item of clothing you wished, using one of the delightful design idea supplied or even come up with your own !


Whether in fact anyone actually used one of these to produce anything is highly doubtful, (although it was rumoured at the time that Colonel Tom Parker used a Ronco Rhinestone and Stud Setter to produce Elvis's Famous Rhinestone Eagle cape) as well as the fact that it was very hard and ungamely to use, it only came supplied with a small sample of Rhinestones and Studs, and although there was an address where you could send off for some more, I imagine this got about the same number of replies as those ads in the Sunday supplements for everlasting shoes and crease-proof slacks.

So there you have it, the Ronco "Rhinestone and Stud Setter" on one hand absolutely crap and useless, but on the other hand absolutely 70's 'tastic !!!

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