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Ahhh the centre of Rochford's employment for two decades

Marketed in this country by Rochford's finest. This is the original 80s slot racing track with a difference. Not only did the set come complete with a jump ramp but the cars could do U-Turns. Brilliant! The only downer to this set was that along with the police car you got a white Vette with a yellow stripe down the middle. How many of you REALLY wanted an orange Dodge Charger with a confederate flag on the roof and 01 on the doors?? Still, cars aside, it made for an excellent racing set and one that would give lots of fun. It should have come with more track than just a poncy figure of 8 circuit but it was interchangeable with the slotted Powertrack that came out a few years before it, so if you already had one of those you could combine the two sets.

Yeeeeee Haaaaaar !!!!!! Erm no thats not right !!!!!

Both cars had working lights and both were able to do U-turns. The topple bridge doubled as a trap when driven over slowly as It flipped the other way. Any car falling foul to this manoeuvre would have to double back and go the other way round. The U-turns were achieved by pressing a button on the controller. This reversed the polarity of that lane of track thus making the car reverse and travel in the opposite direction. This worked for all the slotted versions of the Powertrack series. If you had an earlier set you could use those cars as well.

Nice "dungers" sonny have you just come in from choppin wood??






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