You know the name. You know the product

"Exciting and unique" says the catalogue (erm apart from Ideal's TCR !!!!) Lancechanger will steer you to victory because the cars really do steer and change lanes. This was a complete TCR rip off and tried unsuccessfully to compete with the slotless racing system from Ideal.

After pissing it up down the pub, Wayne decided to DRIVE home

Looking back through Matchbox's 1980 / 81 catalogue I cannot see how this didn't sell. It was superior to TCR in the fact that the Lanechanger cars could hug the inside of a corner. How they did it, I don't know. A small groove is visible on the inside lane of every corner piece of track. The controllers used were the same as the ones you got in Race -n- Chase with a button on the top that you pressed to change lane.

No its not pissing oil ot the back !!!!!

The Thumbnails below show the two sets available in the Lanechanger series also there is a picture of the only Powertrack set available in 1980/81

Matchbox Powertrack Lanechanger TCR Rip off or better race set???? LC2000





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